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In the face of competition now several institutions, agencies or businesses choose the Internet as a medium of information delivery. Through the internet we can easily obtain various information, we can also place promotional memanfaatkanya as goods or services, even support online transaction processing. With the advent of Internet technology makes it possible to access data from anywhere and anytime. WAP (Application Wirelles Protocol) is a protocol that enables Internet applications can be accessed by other mobile and wireless devices. WAP brings information online through the Internet directly to your mobile phone or other WAP client. With the WAP, various information can be accessed at any time simply by using your mobile phone. With the existence of these technologies is also an institution that PMI did not want to miss using the internet as a medium of blood ordering information. Basisdata used in the Blood Online Booking at PMI Starch is a WAP-based branch. With such a system is expected to create a dynamic WAP applications and can add facilities in terms of blood ordering online, so that will give an ease. WAP working mode similar to how the internet today. WAP gateway is needed to bridge the phone with the Internet to send and receive data. It is equally the case with PC users who need an ISP (Internet Service Orovider) as a gateway to bridge the PC to the Internet. Blood reservations online at the PMI branches WAP-based Starch is an application used to handle the problem of existing reservations at the Red Cross blood Pati including data either blood group or rhesusnya. Blood ordering this online application can expect to provide an alternative for consumers or customers in making reservations at the Red Cross blood easily. With the applications consumers can access information like stock of blood available, and also the desired type of blood can then make a reservation for the blood through the phone. Keywords: WAP, Red Cross, Blood

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