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Comparison Of Simple Addtive Weighting Method And Technique For Order Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution Method For Determining Recipients Of Social Funds (Case Study in UPK “LESTARI” PNPM Kec.Windusari Kab.Magelang)
Pembimbing : Anton Setiawan H., S.Kom., M.T - Yuliani Indrianingsih, S.T., M.Kom

Decision Support System or DSS is an interactive computer system that helps decision making in the use and utilize data and models to solve the problem of a semi / unstructured. Many methods are used to assist in decision making process. One way that can be used to solve problems is to use Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making (FMADM). The problem is to solve the case of the determination of beneficiaries of social funds in the UPK “LESTARI”, then the required criteria to determine who will be selected to receive charity. Therefore, to solve the problem required a decision support system to facilitate in decision-making and more effective. The method chosen to resolve this case is to use Fuzzy MADM (Multiple Attribute Decission Making). This research will be appointed a case of finding the best alternative based on criteria that have been determined comparing the method SAW (Simple Additive weighting) with TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) to perform calculations on the case. This method was chosen because it has the ability to select the best alternative from a number of alternatives, in this case meant that alternative is entitled to receive social assistance funds based on specified criteria. The study was conducted by finding the weights for each attribute, then carried ranking process that will determine the optimal alternative, which is the best social funds beneficiaries. Keywords: SPK, SAW Method, TOPSIS Method

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