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Sistem Pendukung Keptusuan Pemilihan Laptop Gaming Berbasis Web Menggunakan Codeingter Dengan Metode Saw
Pembimbing : Anggraini Kusumaningrum, S.Kom, M.Cs - Astika Ayuningtyas, S.Kom., M.Cs

Laptops are one of the supporting media for doing daily work, supporting a profession, and also entertainment facilities such as playing games, watching movies and much more. Laptops are also often needed by employees or students. Laptops consist of several main components, such as processor, VGA or graphics card, RAM, hard drive, motherboard, and wireless card. One of the obstacles in buying a laptop is a lack of understanding of the specifications needed, causing difficulties or problems in choosing a laptop to buy based on its function (gaming laptops, editing and design, office laptops) (Buyer interview 2021). If there is an error in the purchase of course will harm the consumer. Choosing a laptop consists of several kinds of factors that must be considered such as hardware specifications embedded in the laptop. So that the laptop purchased is in accordance with the desired criteria and needs. There needs to be a Decision Support System (SPK) to overcome the problem of buying a gaming laptop. SPK is expected to assist consumers in making better decisions according to the desired criteria and needs for gaming laptops. The system is designed and made using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method. The recommendation for the laptop that has the highest score is the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 i7-9750H GTX 1650 with a value of 0.91.. Keywords : SPK,Laptop Gaming,SAW

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