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Penerapan Metode Forward Chaining Pada Game 3D 1200kkal Untuk Mengendalikan Berat Badan
Pembimbing : E.N Tamatjita S.Kom, MM, M.CS - Anggraini Kusumaningrum, S.Kom., M.Cs

Diet is in need for the obese, because health is a priority for mankind. Ideal body other than good for health also support the beauty in terms of aesthet ics. One type of diet is a diet 1200kkal where we limit our intake of calories that enter the body. Diet in an easy way and mengasikan one of them by playing games that use the 1 200kkal 3Ddiet forward chaining method. The concept of forward method chainig with represen tation techniques of rule - based reasoning begins by entering the food menu then enter the co rrect value of the food and the value of the wrong food. Based on the test results can be seen that the computer will be more stable in the course of game play and 3D processi ng 1200kkal for weight control. Tests on the game can be expressed interesting views and the test functions declared derhasil and can help obese people in controlling weight. Keywords: Game, Diet 1200kkal, Forward chaining.

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