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Propeller Angle Modification Of Os Max 15 LA Engine at Aeromodeling Aircraft
Pembimbing : Ir. Sudarmanto, M.T. - Henny Pratiwi, S.T.,M. Eng.

A propeller is used to generate thrust. The sizes of aeromodeling propeller aircraft are various e.g. 8x5. Figures 8 shows the propeller diameter whereas 5 shows the mileage reached for one round or called by pitch. This research used experimental method comparison between modified propeller (8x4; 8x5; 8x6,5) with manufactured propeller (8x6). Propeller 8x6 is a propeller that is used on OS MaX 15LA Engine aeromodeling aircraft. The modified propeller (8x4; 8x5; 8x6,5) is a propeller that was made by the reseacher by modifying the pitch of the propeller. This study aimed to compare the thrust generated by the modified propeller (8x4; 8x5; 8x6,5) with the manufactured propeller (8x6). The tools used during the test was "propeller test bench". The results on each propeller showed different thrust. The thrust obtained with 3000 RPM on the modified propeller 8x4 was 0.343 N; the propeller 8x5 was 0.578 N; the propeller 8x6,5 was 0.496 N, and the propeller manufactured 8x6 was 0,470 N. After comparing, the efficiency ratio was 48% while the modified propeller was 49%. Keywords: propeller, thrust, pitch, efficiency Approved: Dewanti Ratna Pratiwi, S.Pd., M. Hum

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