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Maria Bertisia Ke
Pembimbing : Ir. Daniel Teguh T, MT - Denny Derrnwan, S.T., M.Eng.

Radar system is urgently needed in all airports or military bases to detect aircraft presence and position, either for commercial or military aircrafts. One of the troubles witch always accur in radar is noises, either internally noises such as thermal noise, shot noise and transit time noise, or externally noises such as atmospheric noise, extraterrestrial noise and man-made noise. In this research hast simulated the presentation and diplay of radar parameters by using calculation of SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) formula. Parameters used in this simulation were Power, Gain, SNR Analysis from FM-CW radar and the resulted power calculation data toward the determined distances, the influence of the noises being discussed in this research was limited to the strengthening of radar antennae and did not discuss the angle of target objects. Simulation in this research used a MATLAB version 2008 software. This research resulted final data in the forms of figures and displays of SNR graphs to power, SNR graphs to gain, SNR graphs to FM-CW radar, and power graphs to range. Those graphic displays obtained values for the target covering distance range by entering the data from power and gain; meanwhile, result from the calculation of power and distance of a target had been determined. Further, it could also be known the data from SNR results within the values of determined radar parameters. Keywords: The Radar Equation, GUI MATLAB, FM-CW Radar

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