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Julito Pinheiro Araujo
Pembimbing : Drs. Agus Basukesti, MT - Yenni Astuti, ST., M.Eng

In the CDMA, a communication channel could not be split based on time or frequency. Channel separation or division was based on specific codes that was generated imaginary randomly (not really randomly, but it had specific patterns). A PN Sequence (PN) code that had a chip unit was an information signal spreader and was used to distinguish between one user channel to others. This research was aimed to generate CDMA codes by using a PN Sequence. The research subject here was a shift register generation using seven (7) bit data and seven (7) shift registers. The simulation model was performed using a PN Sequence. The software to simulate was called MATLABĀ® with R2008b series using a Simulink Library Browser program. The result from the simulation showed that data available in the shift register generation was similar with data available in the PN Sequence. Each register contents moved to right side so that PN Sequence resulted would be different. Keywords: CDMA Code Generation, PN Sequence, Shift register.

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Penulis : Julito Pinheiro Araujo
NIM : 10110026
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