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Adryanus Ende
Pembimbing : Denny Dermawan, ST., M.Eng - Freddy Kurniawan, ST., MT

The advancement of science and technology has contributed of realizing the better life. Electronic technology is one of technology that has attributed in human life, there are many practical and flexible electronic devices that has been now, the river water level monitoring that conducted still using manual devices in form as water level scale that placed at river side/bridge. The monitoring system of water level in real time can monitor the water level continuously with employing a sensor as detector in order to detec the range of sensor with water surface. In its design, it used PING MB7066. Sensor as range sensor based on the principle of voice wave reflection, which is the sensor is transmit and sensor bounced ultrasonic wave, then measure the time different as its sensory base that will processed by microcontroller Arduino Atmega2560. The output from microcontroller can be displayed at LCD in a character that able to understood generally and able to sending SMS from Modem Arduino GSM Shield to user mobile. Keywords: flood monitoring, PING MB7066 Sensor, LCD, Microcontroller Arduino Atmega2560, Arduino GSM Shield.

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Penulis : Adryanus Ende
NIM : 10110037
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