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Analisis Kehandalan Fuel Filter Pada Mesin Turboprop GE-CT79C CN-235 Menggunakan Metode Raliability Weibull Analysis
Pembimbing : Dedet Hermawan, ST ., M. T - M Jalu Purnomo, ST ., M. T

An aircraft maintenance is conducted to maintain the aircraft in airworthy condition. This study aims to identifity and analyze the reliability level as a reference to the system achievement by evaluating the effectiveness of treatment for the plane. Method used in the analysis is using Weibull distribution calculated by Microsoft Excel. By observing the result of the calculation and the type of degradation occured in the CN-235-100 aircraft fuel filter it wasfound treatment programs for the plane. The result of the calculation was Beta (𝛽𝛽) > 1 ; 1,594.It indicated a wear out failure due to the ability or quality downgrade of one or some filter components because of the continuously operatians therefore a proper maintenance; preventive maintenance; was determined. Keywords: maintenance, Weibull, relibility system, the effectiveness of treatment.

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